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So... I was supposed to be at work study exactly one minute ago. Clearly I should give a brief update of my life.

Overall, I grade life a B.

+been with Steph for over two years and I'm still crazy about her (Kind of funny that I'm the only one out of my best friends from home who is in a relationship right now. I never would've seen that one coming.)
+still getting good grades in school and still interested in what I'm learning
+like all my roommates
+have nice friends
+have the cutest dog ever
+have yet to fuck up my life completely by doing something stupid
+drink less than I used to
+don't smoke anymore
+have not been horribly disfigured in a tragic accident
+know how to read
+have several nice possessions
+have "winning smile"

+don't get to see Steph as much as I want to
+stressed about end of semester finals stuff
+stressed about getting a co-op job
+have to move in less than a month
+don't get to see my cutest dog ever until I move
+could still fuck up my life completely by doing something stupid
+still drink, probably too much sometimes
+sometimes I have to sound out the long words
+what if my smile loses?

In conclusion, uh, I don't know. I better go to work.
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