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Okay, so. I thought spring break was supposed to be relaxed and basically stress-free, right? Like imagine laying on a white sandy beach somewhere sipping a fruity cocktail (or as a college student, I guess the better visual is "imagine showing your tits to strangers for coke in a foreign tropical country..."). But that would be erroneous. ERRONEOUS. I understand having assignments, but I feel my classes are a little excessive.

First things first, I have an Art History midterm on Thursday which covers memorizing at least 60 slides and lots and lots of terms, etc. Luckily once I take that exam I don't have anything at all to do for Art History over break. THANK GOD. While studying I have to find time to finish a "cubist-inspired collage" for my Visual 1 class (because I can't bring the damn thing home on the bus to finish it at home). Then, over break, I have to make another collage type thing using objects with different textures in differing shades of gray. And then paint a replicate (taking the texture into account).

So that's kind of a lot to do this week so I was looking forward to a nice break next week. BUT NO.

My Digital Tools class has me finalizing my three compositions in Illustrator. That wouldn't be so bad because I'm basically close to being done, but then my teacher decided to throw in a "peer swap". So now, in addition, I have to finish some other kid's composition as if he were my client. Great. Considering the kid told me he wanted his composition to look like "that classic rock album cover". It should be really easy, right?

Lastly, my typography class. First of all this professor has like 5-6 projects all going at once and we haven't finished ONE of them all semester. Then today in class we spend almost the entire first hour waiting for chumps who weren't prepared to print out assignments. I had nothing to do because none of my work had been critiqued yet. Anyway, we start doing actual stuff and I'm working on the assignment... blah blah blah. Then with less than a half hour left he decides it is a good time to introduce our NEW assignment. So we rushed through creating templates and everyone was really confused. He then dropped on us that we need to have two BOOKS printed and bound by the Tuesday after break. IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO WASTE THE TIME AND MONEY TO BOUND BOOKS WHEN WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IF WHAT WE ARE PRINTING IS FINALIZED AND DONE.

So, in conclusion, school is stupid. All I want to do is go home and relax and see friends and play with my little puppy.

Ultimate sad face.

I suppose if anyone actually read all that it probably made not too much sense. Summation: I have too much to do.
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